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Morgan swings into her saddle

Morgan wished for a horse

“ After her wish, Morgan improved physically and emotionally renewing her spirit. ”

Morgan had a plan. She was going to ride horses in barrel races just like her mother did.

But in 2008 she received bad news that turned her future upside down. She had a hematologic disorder – a life-threatening medical condition that affecting her blood levels. 

Fourteen-year-old Morgan spent the next eight months in and out of the hospital. She becomes so depressed by the challenges of her condition that it takes her awhile to warm up to the idea of having a wish granted. Instead she spends most of her time at home, quiet and introverted.

Finally, she reluctantly shares her wish to Make-A-Wish® Mid-South volunteers – to have a barrel horse. It’s a wish that takes her back to a time before hospital visits, treatments, loneliness and depression.

So wish granters set out to get her a horse, determined to surprise her. They craft plans in secret to unveil her wish at a horse show in Memphis. Morgan is just told they are going to the show to help a friend get a horse trailer fixed.

But then the show announcer asks Morgan and her family to come to the middle of the arena. The announcer says, “Morgan, your wish has come true.”

This wish kid in need of some hope for the future, meets her new horse and swings into the saddle. According to a horse publication in Tennessee, the 10-year-old mare named Caydo was raised and ridden by a girl Morgan’s age – a top barrel racer. The girl hearing of Morgan’s wish was willing to give up the mare she had since she was three-years-old.

“There was not a dry eye in the house,” Morgan’s mother, Carol, says. “Morgan just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe it I can’t believe it.’”

Morgan also receives free barrel racing lessons and the family now spends most of its weekends at horse shows.

Carol says Morgan’s depression has lifted since she received Caydo. Carol is convinced that Morgan’s condition changed least in part because of the joy her wish brought her.

Morgan improved so much that she may not need the bone marrow transplant her doctor planned. Her spirit and personality has also returned.

Carol says Morgan has gone from taking 48 pills a day to just two.


It’s so awesome how she’s able to ride, and even talk back to me a little bit! ”

— Morgan's mom

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I wanted someone to laugh and play with. ”

— Noella

Noella plays with her pal Hippo

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Hey Morgan, I think your story is truly amazing! I just had wish volunteers come over today, and I wished for a horse! I am so excited that you got your wish, and I know you will have many happy memories by the time this year is done. Congrats!

September 05, 2010 - 5:12 PM


Hey Morgan!! I think it is awesome that you finally had your wish come true. I am a professional barrel racer that is setting my goals to run at the IFR (International Finals Rodeo) with the IPRA (International Professional Rodeo Association). I want to commend the little girl who gave you her horse, that was so awesome to hear. I hope that you are getting better & hopefully I'll meet you one day. :)

December 09, 2010 - 10:14 PM


Dear Morgan, I understand the healing powers of horses. Last year, I was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 16. Before I was sick, I was in the process of buying a new show horse. My parents surprised me by getting me the horse of my dreams. My health and happiness immediately improved with my new equine pal. My Wish last year was to go to AQHA Worlds, but unfortunately I was unable to go because my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I know how horses can sense that you need that extra push to get through the day and they never cease to fail to give it. God Bless, Morgan, and may all your rides be great ones. Sincerely, Erin

January 11, 2011 - 2:37 PM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

lauren r.

i have cancer and i do not know what my wish is going to be i am 9 years old. Oh and did they give you your horse to forever? i love horses.

June 02, 2013 - 4:39 PM


Morgan, I am absolutely thrilled for you. A horse is an amazing thing to wish for; a companion, a passion, a member of the family. Horses also hold a special place in my heart and I have riding for two years. I was diagnosed with bone cancer on February 26th and was told I could not ride horses until after my knee replacement on May 23rd. I had my knee replaced and have successfully beat cancer, and I was out of the hospital in time for my 13th birthday! I will soon be back riding horses and nurturing my passion. I was told before my surgery that I would also be receiving a wish :) I am so excited and of course, I wished for my very own horse. My wish has not yet been approved, but I am sure it will be, as many others have had the same wish. I thank God for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and may he bless all those who help make dreams come true.

June 19, 2013 - 8:49 PM


This makes me want to cry💜 I'm so happy for you! Horses are great, I even barrel race my horse and I'm the same age as you! You are the type of people that keep me going everyday! You have a strong and compassionate personality! I could never be as strong as you! Congrats(:

June 16, 2014 - 1:31 PM

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