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Madi’s Wish Provides
Boost of Confidence

  • Madi is all smiles for the camera.

  • Madi is a natural.

  • Confidence is beautiful.

  • Travel is always part of a model’s busy day.

  • Daniel’s Jewelers gave Madi jewelry for her day.

  • Madi is shopping and getting ready for her shoot.

“ Her wish day gave her a new and improved sense of confidence
that cancer had taken away. ”

- Madi's mom

Madi knows about the struggles of being a teenager. But beyond those, she also has a different challenge than most people at her school: fighting cancer. So put those two things together, and things can get really tough. Madi’s confidence from her battle was starting to take a toll on her… until she received a Make-A-Wish® experience that changed her life.

Photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists  prepared a photo studio so they could grant Madi’s wish to have a modeling portfolio. Everything was in full swing, and Madi looked flawless all throughout this busy shoot. Quick wardrobe and location changes were no problem at all for Madi. She looked beautiful and poised from start to finish.

Her portfolio was more than a book of amazing photos. It was a new way of looking at herself. Madi spent the day trying on outfits, getting her hair and makeup done and snapping gorgeous photos. At the end of her experience, she had the portfolio she always wanted, and her confidence had been restored.

The teenage years can be difficult, but Madi now has the self-esteem to tackle them. Wish mom Farnaz said this about Madi’s day:

I think it's so important that people understand that the gift of the wish does not end on the wish day. No matter what the wish child receives, they take away memories that impact their lives. In our case, Madi was able to see herself as beautiful, healthy and "normal," not just a kid with cancer who people felt sorry for”.

Madi has regained the confidence that cancer had taken. She has even found the courage to go to school without her wig for the first time. This portfolio gave her the hope and esteem that will inspire her into her future. 

Madi was able to see herself as beautiful, healthy and "normal," not just a kid with cancer who people felt sorry for. ”

— Madi's mom

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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