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Jillie’s Chicken Coop Provides Comfort

Wish kid Jillie, 3

“ After months as the patient, Jillie now cares for something of her own. ”

All Jillie wants is to go home. She has spent months fighting leukemia and moving in and out of hospital rooms, and her greatest wish is to be back in her own house. So Make-A-Wish brought a wish right to her backyard.

Wish kid Jillie, 3Every morning, Jillie walks out to her chicken coop to check for eggs. Inside wait eight chickens and a single rabbit, ready to be fed. They peck at the floor and cluck, content with their new home. This is no run-of-the-mill wired chicken coop though. Jillie’s chickens live in luxury in a log cabin playhouse complete with loft windows and flower boxes.

When Jillie’s family learned that she would receive a wish, she couldn’t even speak and was too weak to travel. But her love for animals shined through. It became the source of her wish – to have her own little farm.

Almost one year after being diagnosed with leukemia, the miniature farmhouse arrived. It took a week to modify and outfit the coop, with help from Jillie’s dad, grandparents and local landscapers and feed suppliers. At last, it was ready for Jillie. She opened the heavy, wooden door and wandered around the little log cabin, admiring the product of her wish. Time for the critters.

After spending months as the patient, Jillie is now able to care for something of her own. “She has a warm heart and could spend each day with the animals no matter what the temperature,” Jillie’s mom, Katie, told reporters. As a mother hen, Jillie takes pride in her little farm – plus, “it has all my friends in it,” she said. Today, Jillie is enjoying her new friends cancer-free.

Wish kid Jillie, 3

She has a warm heart and could spend each day with the animals no matter what the temperature. ”

— Jillie’s mom, Katie

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