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2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

Getting a look at Target Field from the players’ vantage point.

“ Six wish kids bonded over a shared love of baseball. ”

Three days before the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Minneapolis, six sets of customized jerseys, bats and gift bags are lined up in a hotel lobby. Are they for some young, up-and-coming prospects? For legends of the game? No – they’re waiting for six Make-A-Wish kids who wished to go to the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

This reception gets their wishes off to a memorable start. Over the next few days, all six wish kids immerse themselves in a celebration of baseball that honors its present, past and future. They also see the game’s best players show their skills.

From the All-Star FanFest to the Gillette Home Run Derby to the Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, it’s an experience perfect for wish kids who love baseball. They get to look out on Target Field from the players’ perspective. They receive autographs from players, including Derek Jeter. They see the Imagine Dragons at the All-Star Concert.

The wish kids, who range from 12 to 19 years old, also get to see the World Series trophies and meet MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. Of course, their visit to the All-Star festivities peaks with the game itself – a 5-3 American League triumph over the National League built on Derek Jeter’s 2-for-2 performance at bat.

By the time the wish kids leave Minneapolis, they’ve shared some of the greatest experiences baseball fans could possibly imagine. Though their medical conditions and everyday lives differ, their love of baseball brought them together … and gave them a chance to celebrate overcoming their medical conditions, or to step away from their challenges for a while.


  • A great view from the upper decks of Target Field.

  • Custom bats, jerseys and gift bags wait for the wish kids on the first day.

  • Getting a look at Target Field from the players’ vantage point.

  • The press meets the wish kids.

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