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Nova Takes a Turn in the Spotlight

  • Microphone + inflatable guitar + star-shaped sunglasses = “rock star”

  • Getting around in a limo is part of the celebrity lifestyle.

  • Every rock star needs a worked-up fan base.

  • Nova gets used to being in front of a crowd.

“ Nova’s song and video gives her strength and optimism. ”

The red carpet rolls out, the limo arrives, the cameras start flashing and the hottest new star in town steps into the spotlight. Katy Perry? Selena Gomez? Not tonight. This time, it’s Nova’s turn to hear the fans scream her name.

Many young music fans have a favorite pop artist or rock star they love to see on the red carpet. Some wish kids even ask for the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrity. But Nova, who is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, wanted to know what it was like to actually be in their famous shoes. So, she wished to be a rock star.

Behind the Scenes

Like any famous pop star, Nova had to put in some time at the recording studio before making it big. This is where one of Make-A-Wish America’s own board members, Kevin O’Toole, stepped in to help. A musician himself, Kevin worked with a talented team to compose Nova’s smash single: “Someday.” And what better way to make a hit song climb the charts than to pair it with an equally amazing music video? A few recording sessions and photo shoots later, and Nova was ready to meet her adoring fans.

“Nova! Nova! Nova!”

The celebrity treatment started before Nova even reached her red carpet event, when her personal limousine drove her by a digital billboard that advertised Nova’s new song and rise to stardom. By the time she arrived at the red carpet to a crowd of 200 volunteers chanting her name, Nova was in popstar heaven.

Autograph signing, paparazzi, screaming fans, media interviews with reporters from all four network affiliates — Nova handled the red carpet as gracefully as the pros. Her personal inspiration? None other than Katy Perry.

Let it Roll

Nova and her fans made their way into the Sheraton Hotel’s fully decked-out ballroom, where they viewed an exclusive “Making of” feature, followed by the official music video. After the thunderous applause died down, Nova danced the night away with her friends.

And as for her devoted fans? Well, they all left with autographed headshots, copies of the music video on DVD, and the right to someday say they “knew Nova back when.”

And don’t miss that "Making of” video with exclusive behind-the-scenes features.


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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM


I love the music video, and i hope you get better soon God bless you Nova!

May 16, 2014 - 4:27 PM


Nova! What an awesome music video! You rock!! I have two adult kids with CF who will love to see this! Rock on girl!

May 22, 2014 - 3:56 PM