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Nominee wishes to be a veterinarian

Nominee wished to be a vet PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

“ Nominee wants to treat her animals with care and compassion. ”

Nominee has spent many days in the hospital this past year for tests, treatments and procedures. But she is too excited to worry about her condition as she experiences joy in her wish to be a vet. “Nominee wanted to treat her beloved pets with the same care and compassion she experienced,” her mom, Silvia said. Today is an experience that will help her through the difficulties of her medical condition.

Nominee walks into the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group wearing her sparkly pink shoes. She throws on her lab coat, hugs her clipboard and wraps a pink stethoscope around her neck. Today will be a busy day. She takes a quick tour of the hospital and gets right to work.

This is the day Nominee gets to be like the doctors and nurses who cared for her during her treatment. A day she gets to be Doctor Nominee, not a girl facing a rough battle against leukemia. Nominee learns to examine cats and dogs by checking their ears, looking at their paws and listening to their hearts. After performing routine check-ups, Nominee moves on to learning how to do surgical procedures. She helps shave a puppy to prepare for an operation, assists with an ultrasound and even removes stitches from a dog that has previously undergone surgery! But, after a busy day, Nominee learns one great thing in the process – how to do it all with a big smile. She flashes a grin when her patient wiggles excitedly as she hands him a bone-shaped treat. 

Nominee’s joy brings tears to her mom’s eyes because she knows this is the amazing experience she deserves. 

John, the hospital’s director agrees. “When we heard that Nominee has been aspiring to be a veterinarian for the last several years, even practicing her skills on her family pets, we just knew she’d fit right in with our Orange County team of veterinary specialists and surgeons,” he said. “We were honored to welcome her as the VMSG Veterinarian for a Day!”

Nominee – a gentle and caring future doctor – is determined to, one day when she gets older, become a veterinarian. Only this time, for more than a day. 

  • Nominee arrives for her vet experience.
    PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

  • A happy dog shows the love for our young veterinarian.
    PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

  • Checking the charts
    PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

  • A little fun at the pet clinic
    PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

  • Nominee is ready to help.
    PHOTO: Amanda McKinnon Photography

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Malcolm Oth

Nominee I hope you feel better. And I hope you had fun as a vet and I hope you helped lots of animals.

January 27, 2015 - 4:38 PM

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