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Jose becomes a Marine

Jose becomes a Marine

“ José’s reverence for the Corps earns him a place in the heart of the Marines. ”

The Marines of the 4th Force Reconnaissance Company strap José into an MC-5 parachute harness, letting him dangle to get the feel of floating to the ground. He has joined the ranks of The Few and The Proud – a wish come true.

While receiving treatment for his T-Cell acute lymphocytic leukemia, 14-year-old José asked Make-A-Wish® Hawaii for a custom shooting range to prepare him for a future as a Marine. For a teenager dealing with the challenges of a life-threatening medical condition, wish granters knew he needed the hope that comes with his one true heartfelt wish – to become a marine. So the wish granters contacted the elite 4th Force Marine Recon Co. stationed at KaneoheBay, who invited José to attend a full day of a courageous wish experience.

Staff Sgt. Eric Stone and Sgt. Joe Lindsay visit José at the hospital and bring him a poster signed by all the Marines – complete with a recon squad pin.

Then, José and his fellow Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps friends arrive at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. They take a complete tour of the camp giving them an extraordinary chance to understand the close-knit men and women who stand for courage, endurance, loyalty and enthusiasm among other warrior traits.

The teenagers watch the training and dedication that make the Marines some of the world’s most storied troops – proudly wearing the anchor, globe and eagle.

José straps into the MC-5 parachute harness then takes a ride in a Zodiac raft with his cadet friends. They visit the artillery range getting a grunt’s-eye view of artillery practice.

The Marines then present José with a certificate signed by the base’s commanding general and sergeant major proclaiming him an Honorary Reconnaissance Marine.

José’s reverence for the Corps earns him a place in the heart of the Marines.

José is a remarkable individual whose character in the face of adversity is a fine example for anyone to follow and he deserved to be at the center of attention. The Corps would be be proud to have him in our ranks. ”

— First Sgt. Timothy Blake

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I am very proud of Jose. He is battling cancer and still wants to fight for our freedom. I have tons of respect for him and am very thankful there are people like him out there!

February 07, 2007 - 4:13 PM


My fiance is a member of Recon and we both want to tell you how proud we are of you!! KEEP FIGHTING, YOU CAN BEAT THIS!!!! Good luck and we know your going to be an AMAZING Marine! Simper Fi!

November 29, 2007 - 8:30 PM


This story touches my heart! My husband is a Marine in the 6th Motor Transport Batallion and is getting ready for his third deployment to the Middle East. To see that there are young boys aspiring to serve at such a young age is truly amazing! I am so proud of the Marines who made this young mans wish come true!! I wish Jose much luck and strength! My God bless him on his journey and I will be praying for him! Semper Fidelas Marine!

November 10, 2011 - 10:30 AM

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