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Jul 07, 2017

Wish Kids Through the Ages - Part 3

Arianalynn, Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles, Mo'orea trip
Wish kids have one thing in common no matter what their age: the impact of their wish experience. Whether it is collecting a fancy 1800s wardrobe or traveling to a tropical island, wishes provide a chance to relax and motivation to look forward to a bright future.

See how the five wishes below brought strength to teenage wish kids.

This list is Part 3 of an ongoing series. Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Kyrie, 14, severe gastrointestinal disorder, I wish to have an 1800s wardrobe (Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia)

Kyrie loves delving into history. She dedicates her free time to reading books and watching movies about the 1800s, so for her wish, it was only fitting that she asked for the wardrobe to match! Kyrie brainstormed all the looks she would like to add to her closet, and in the end, she got more outfits than she had ever hoped for. On the big day, Kyrie wore her new dresses and accompanied her father, who was clad in a Civil War uniform, onstage. Their fashion show was a huge hit among friends and family. 

Kyrie, Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 1800s wardrobe

Kyrie: “I love my new wardrobe … much more than I was expecting!

Ariana, 15, thyroid cancer, I wish to go Ireland (Greater Bay Area)

Ever since she started watching her favorite television show, “Reign,” Ariana has been a huge fan of medieval Ireland. She loves it all, from the olden architecture to the folklore. When she was told her wish to visit Ireland would be granted, she was in total disbelief. Kilmainham Gaol and Newgrange were some of her favorite stops during her time there. Ariana says the sights on the trip inspire her artwork.

Ariana, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area, Ireland trip

Ariana: “When I wrote down my wishes, I never expected them to come true. I never imagined I would get exactly what I asked for.”

Ariana: “When my wish came true it was honestly the happiest I’ve ever been. I never expected something so grand and amazing to come out of something as bad as cancer.”

Bryan, 16, cancer, I wish to have a red accordion (Michigan)

Accordions remind Bryan of happier times spent with his family and friends in Mexico, before he was diagnosed with cancer. This inspired him to wish for an accordion of his own, and it was especially important that it be red to match the color of his favorite soccer team. While he waited for his wish, learning music online provided a distraction from his treatments. By the time he got into lessons with his instructor, Guillermo, he had taught himself so many musical skills through YouTube that he sounded like pro!

Bryan, Make-A-Wish Michigan, accordion, TSS Photography, Steve Taylor

Bryan, on his new accordion: “It’s beautiful.”

Yesenia, Bryan’s mom: “It’s a great honor to have Bryan’s wish come true.”

Photo credit: TSS Photography, Steve Taylor

Arianalynn, 17, mixed connective tissue disease, I wish to go to a tropical island (Greater Los Angeles)

Arianalynn has missed out on a lot of experiences while undergoing chemotherapy and infusions, like her first three years of high school and her hobby of dancing. For her wish, she just wanted to relax on a tropical island and enjoy some quality time with her family. She and her loved ones stayed in a hut right on the ocean and got to partake in activities like swimming with dolphins and sharks, snorkeling and paddle boarding. The wish had such a positive impact on Arianalynn’s life that she is now seriously considering volunteering or working for Make-A-Wish so that other kids can have the experience she had.

Arianalynn, Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles, Mo'orea trip

Arianalynn: “Make-A-Wish gave me something I would never be able to have – a chance to forget about everything and to just completely relax.”

Arianalynn, on her experience: “[It] has given me a better perspective on how to live my life.”

Arianalynn’s mom: “Arianalynn was definitely rejuvenated and happy after the trip. She appears more excited now and just simply seems to enjoy life more.”

Jared, 18, cancer, I wish to have my high school weight room remodeled (Idaho)

Jared was a high school student athlete when he first learned that he would undergo chemotherapy. Undeterred, Jared kept up with physical exercise and weight training during his nine months of treatment. According to Dr. Hancock, his doctor, he “was still able to compete at a highly competitive level” in spite of treatment, which most likely contributed to Jared’s recovery. Jared’s love of physical fitness inspired him to wish to remodel his school’s weight room, and his generosity has improved his school for years to come.

Jared, Make-A-Wish Idaho, weight room

Jared: “Before treatment, I just lifted for football, but during treatment, I lifted to live.”

Jared: “I thought it was just going to be a paint job and a couple weight sets, now it’s something to be remembered by, a legacy.”

This blog post is Part 3 of an ongoing series that celebrates the uniqueness of each child in the larger wish kid community. See Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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