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Dec 09, 2016

Unusual Skills Lead to Fantastic Wishes

Madison, Make-A-Wish America, Emma-Louise
At first glance, it would seem that a professional sandcastle builder and a construction worker have little in common. Sure, they both build structures of sorts. But they work in completely different places, and their goals are entirely dissimilar in every possible way.

Madison, Make-A-Wish America, Emma-LouiseYet, as it so happens, these people do have something more in common … and that something is granting wishes.

Just six months before her wish, 6-year-old Madison had a rare bone cancer affecting only one in 200 children and young adults. Perhaps, then, it is fitting that her two wish-granters had a rare skillset – professional sandcastle building. They helped her shape the soft sand of Fort Myers Beach under a calm blue sky and soon became attached to their new protégé. “She’s an excellent student and caught on quick!” Marianne, one of the builders, said.

The two builders taught Madison all the most important sandcastle skills, like how to use an upside down bucket to make the base and how to draw the details of the stonework with a pencil. In the end, Madison crafted a stunning double-towered castle complete with a little arch bridge. The heart she drew on the side of her creation served as a reminder to her wish granters that their small gesture made a huge difference in her life.

Trip, Make-A-Wish Wyoming, hockey, Tess KersenbrockAcross the country in Wyoming, 9-year-old Trip made a slightly chillier wish. Ever since his cancer diagnosis, Trip has been unable to practice with his friends on the local hockey team. Despite this setback, he wished to have a year-round hockey rink in his backyard so he could be in tip-top shape when he was healthy enough to play. Three people became unlikely heroes in order to make his wish come true.

Mike, a synthetic ice supplier, stepped up to the plate by making a significant contribution toward the ice needed to construct the rink. Likewise, Curg donated all the concrete that would be required for the rink’s foundation. Once these pieces were in place, Rob brought in his construction crew to put everything together. Farson-Eden High School students even participated in Kids For Wish Kids® and raised money to help finance Trip’s wish! Thanks to everyone’s unique skillsets, Trip will be back on the ice in no time.

Trip, Make-A-Wish Wyoming, hockeyFrom basic and temporary to challenging and permanent, Madison and Trip both had wishes custom-tailored to their lives and interests. Luckily, wish granters are just as diverse as the kids they grant wishes for, and with enough variety, the wish-granting possibilities are endless.

Photos of Madison provided by Emma-Louise. First photo of Trip provided by Tess Kersenbrock.

This is our second blog post about wish granters with unusual skills. For the first, look here. If you have a useful talent or skill or are just plain interested in helping out with wishes, check out our “Ways to Help” page!


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