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Wish Wednesday - Young Stars Own The Spotlight

Annabelle wished to be a celebrated actress.
Wishes often open the door for wish kids to meet their favorite celebrity or visit a movie set to watch their favorite stars rehearse a scene, but when these three girls learned they had a chance for a wish, they turned the spotlight on themselves!
Annabelle’s the star of the night

The red carpet rolled out and the fully-glammed Annabelle made her appearance in a beautiful custom-designed gown, sparkly jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoes. Annabelle, who was diagnosed with two chronic inflammation diseases two years ago, always had a passion for acting. So, she wished to be a celebrated actress.

Annabelle's wish reveal was one surprise after another. It began with an invitation received in the mail at Annabelle's home on the Big Island, Hawaii. Eurocinema invited Annabelle to be their special guest and attend their Film Festival Awards in Honolulu.  A first-class flight to Oahu swiftly followed.

When Annabelle arrived at the 2014 EuroCinema Film Festival Awards Gala, it was the moment she had been waiting for her entire life. Annabelle watched actors and actresses take the stage to receive awards and give speeches, and although she wasn’t feeling well, she was up for another surprise. To end the night, Annabelle took the stage with Australian actor Brenton Thwaites where he introduced Annabelle and helped her open one last envelope that revealed one exciting conclusion to her wish journey – an adventurous sequel in the stunning Mediterranean to show of her acting skills!

Emily gets the celebrity experience 

Emily gets the celebrity experience. Emily overcame two grueling years of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukemia, and wanted to celebrate –BIG.  When Emily learned Make-A-Wish would grant her a wish, her wish was to become a celebrity for a day. The celebrity got her hair styled at a salon in Birmingham and went shopping while being accompanied by cheerleaders and bodyguards. Fans even filled all three levels of the swanky mall, hoping to get an autograph. For her big debut, she performed live with the pop band Mel Ball and the Colours. Her wish experience was a true celebration of life.

Olivia’s the new rising star

And now there's a new star we are cheering for. Olivia was all smiles when her wish to be a pop star kicked off the 7th annual Macy's Believe campaign. We can't wait to find out the details of her upcoming wish experience! olivia wished to be a pop star.

It’s amazing to see how wish kids seem more spirited from the time their wish is requested. As their minds swirl with excitement, medical conditions and treatments seem so far away.



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