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Wishes Forever endowment fundThis year, 27,000 children will have their lives turned upside down. More than 15,300 of these children will receive a Make-A-Wish experience. That leaves almost 12,000 children who will not find empowerment to live with – or even overcome – their medical condition.

Wishes Forever® is part of our commitment to change the world for every eligible child... today and into the future.

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About Wishes Forever®

Wishes Forever® endowment program is a meaningful and lasting opportunity to grant wishes in your name. FOREVER.

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What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is an income source that is well-insulated from economic ebb and flow, helping Make-A-Wish reach every eligible child.

Customize Your Endowment

Customize Your Endowment

We will help you set up an endowment fund that simultaneously suits your requests and creates impact on the wish process.

Micah's wish story told during the Wishes Forever video

Wishes Forever® Video: Micah's Wish

Watch Micah's wish story and learn more about the Wishes Forever endowment program.


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