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About Wishes Forever®

Make-A-Wish® changes lives ‒ from Chris Greicius’ wish in 1980, to the next wish we will grant. Today, we are ready to stand by every eligible child and say “you can look forward to something great in your life.”

Wishes Forever is a commitment to change the world for every eligible child, today and in the future.

We have so much to do. We are grateful for the support that makes it possible to grant a wish every 34 minutes, on average, in the United States. But nothing drives us more than the need of children we haven’t served ‒ the eligible children who have not been referred ‒ so we can grant a wish every 19 minutes.

Make-A-Wish invites you to be part of our vision to make a lasting impact and help every eligible child feel better.

Your endowment will transform the lives of children who need the emotional healing of a Make-A-Wish experience. Our endowment professionals can tailor your interests to help the children we serve. You may designate your gift for a specific type of wish, or medical condition, or geographic area ‒ whatever is close to your heart. You can also designate your gift to the area of greatest need. We encourage you to stand by children we serve, and the children we need to reach.

Join us and watch lives become better.


Nicole Powers
Director of Planned Giving 
1702 E. Highland Ave., Suite 400 
Phoenix, AZ  85016

Phone: (602) 792-3249 
Fax: (602) 792-3250

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