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Don Hamilton

A Lifelong Calling

In the midst of every parent’s worst nightmare, I found a lifelong calling. When one of our sons was diagnosed with leukemia, Make-A-Wish® granted his wish.

Don Hamilton & Wife

I cannot tell you what it meant to my son and my family to be able to step out of that horror for a day. My son unfortunately lost his battle with the disease, but we never lost our enthusiasm for Make-A-Wish and its wonderful, powerful mission.

I have supported Make-A-Wish in many capacities since my son’s wish. I’ve served on the board of Make-A-Wish Michigan and am also a member of the National Advisory Council. I give my time and money to Make-A-Wish because it gave strength to my family when we needed it most, just as it does for thousands of other families each year.

My involvement with Make-A-Wish has taught me the true value of life. I truly feel that if you have the ability to help, you should — at whatever level you can — whether it be a donation of any size, volunteering for a charitable organization or just spreading the word about a cause that you feel passionate about. Giving to others through my association with Make-A-Wish has enriched my life immensely, and I am a better person for it.

Don Hamilton
Make-A-Wish Michigan Board Member